Refactored Health explores the intersection of health and technology.

Who writes this?

Hi! I’m Alex Liu. I’m a Product Manager at Verily Life Sciences and previously I worked at a growth-stage health IT startup in New York called CipherHealth.

I’m writing this subscription primarily as a way of sharing the things I’ve learned with others, and to practice my writing. All opinions are my own.

How often will you publish?

My goal is try to publish once a week.

Why should I subscribe?

I’ve personally found most writing about digital health online to provide shallower coverage than I’d like. I want to be a part of that conversation around digital health, and to help raise the bar for discourse. Hopefully you’ll have some interesting food for thought along the way.


How do I get in touch with you?

DM me or follow @yuningalexliu on Twitter!

Do you consult on X?

I’m open to conversations. DM me on LinkedIn.